Sacred Geometries and Their Scientific Meanings

The Interface between Science and the Transcendental

Stephen M. Phillips  


"The Universe is a thought of the Deity. Since this ideal thought-form has overflowed into actuality, and the world born thereof has realized the plan of its creator, it is the calling of all thinking beings to rediscover in this existent whole the original design."

Friedrich Schiller


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The universal nature of sacred geometries

The Universal Nature of Sacred Geometries

The tetractys at the heart of Pythagorean philosophy is the key to deciphering information about the holistic nature of reality that is embodied in some of the sacred geometries of the world's religions. Through its use, the sacred geometries of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Hindu Sri Yantra and the five Platonic solids are shown to be analogous. Their equivalence to the table of 64 hexagrams in the ancient Chinese divinatory system known as 'I Ching' is demonstrated, revealing hitherto unknown meanings of the latter. These representations of holistic systems are proved to embody the gauge symmetry group E8×E8 of heterotic superstrings. They are also shown to represent the structure of superstrings in a way that gives striking confirmation to the paranormal description of these basic units of matter over a century ago by the Theosophists Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater.

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Divine nature of music

The Divine Nature of Music


Analysis of the seven musical scales (the ancient Greek and Church 'modes') shows that they constitute a holistic system that is prescribed mathematically by the gematria number values of the ancient Hebrew Divine Names assigned to the ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. Their patterns of notes and intervals are geometrically represented by the inner form of the Tree of Life, the Sri Yantra and their polyhedral counterpart — the disdyakis triacontahedron. Remakable parallels are drawn between the Greater Perfect System of ancient Greek music, sacred geometry and the chromosomes of the human cell. Generalizing Plato's account of the creation of the universe according to the proportions of musical intervals reveals a remarkable, hitherto unknown, mathematical harmony in the notes of the Pythagorean scale. The musical basis of Bode's Law governing planetary distances from the Sun is also presented.


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 Human skeleton and acupoints-meridians

The Tree of Life Basis of the Human Skeleton & Meridian/Acupoint System


The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is the representation of Adam Kadmon, or "Heavenly Man." The numbers of bones in the human axial and appendicular skeletons are derived by representing the three-dimensional body by three overlapping Trees of Life. These numbers are embodied in the inner form of the Tree of Life and even in a triangle and a square constructed from tetractyses. The counterparts of bones in the subtle human anatomy are the 361 classical acupuncture points. They, too, are identified in the Tree of Life mapping of the human body. What emerges is tantamount to rigorous, mathematical evidence in support of the biblical statement that human beings are "made in the image of God." This conclusion, when properly understood, has profound implications.


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  Sacred Geometry - the interface between religion & science

Sacred Geometry: the Interface between Religion and Science


True sacred geometry is the representation in geometrical form of the Divine Archetypes. The Kabbalistic Tree of Life (Otz Chiim), the Platonic solids, the Tantric Sri Yantra and the 8×8 array of hexagrams in the Taoist I Ching are shown to be equivalent to one another, as well as to their polyhedral counterpart — the disdyakis triacontahedron. They embody numbers of great scientific significance, as well as some numbers that particle physics has yet to discover. Numbers discussed that these sacred geometries embody are:

137 (approximate reciprocal of the fine-structure constant);
240 (number of non-zero roots of E8);

248 (dimension of E8); 496 (dimension of E8×E8 & SO(32));

168/336 (circularly polarised waves in a half/whole revolution of each closed curve in
the subquark state of the E8×E8 heterotic superstring (a particle yet to be discovered);

1680 circularly polarised waves in each closed curve in the subquark state of the
E8×E8 heterotic superstring (to be discovered);

3360 circularly polarised waves in one revolution of the 10 closed curves in the
subquark state of the E8×E8 heterotic superstring (to be discovered);

206 (number of bones in the mature human skeleton);
361 (number of classical acupoints in the 14 acupuncture meridians);

64 (number of types of codons in mRNA and number of types of anticodons in tRNA).


Two PowerPoint slideshows (146 slides) & notes; 19.2 Mb, zipped file.


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The Universal Nature of Sacred Geometries



The Universal Order in Sacred Geometries


This set of slideshows covers, but extends beyond, the scope of the material presented in the first set of presentations (see above). They include conclusive evidence that the 421 polytope, which is known to map the root system of the exceptional Lie group E8
describing the forces between E8×E8 heterotic superstrings, not only conforms to the archetypal pattern shown in sacred geometries but also — through its 4-dimensional projection as a compound of two 600-cells — reproduces structural features of the UPA. This is the basic constituent of the protons & neutrons inside atomic nuclei that was remote-viewed by Annie Besant & C.W. Leadbeater during the turn of the 20th century and which the author has identified as the as yet undiscovered, spin-½ subquark state of the E8×E8 heterotic superstring.


Seven PowerPoint slideshows (240 slides) & notes; 129 MB, zipped file.


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Here are free downloads of two public PowerPoint presentations given in 2016 about how physics and sacred geometries confirm many details of remote-viewing of subatomic particles by Annie Besant & Charles W. Leadbeater between 1895 and 1932:


Clairvoyance of atoms Sacred geometries confirm clairvoyant observations of subatomic particles


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Now available is a free download of my recent (September 30, 2017) public PowerPoint presentation about how sacred geometries map the seven cosmic planes of consciousness:



Sacred geometries as maps of the 7 planes of consciousness

Part 1
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Part 2
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I give my thanks to Rt Rev. Dr Michael van Buren for making this seminar possible.






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Outer & inner Tree of Life
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Mathematical meanings of the Names of God

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A short history of the fourth dimension



Part 2

Part 2

The real "God particle"

Re-discovery of the Higgs boson

The sacred geometrical nature of the 421 polytope (PDF)

The Tree of Life basis of the subquark state of the E8×E8
heterotic superstring

The UPA & the 421 polytope as the outer & inner forms of 10 Trees of Life (PDF)

How eight sacred geometries embody the 84:84:84:84 division (PDF)

Particle remote-viewed a century ago shown to be an
E8×E8 heterotic superstring

The inner Tree of Life & the 5 Platonic solids embody the
'fine-structure constant' number 137

The disdyakis triacontahedron embodies the 'fine-structure constant' number 137

The Polyhedral Tree of Life embodies the 'fine-structure constant' number 137

The outer & inner Trees of Life represent the roots of E8 and E8×E8

Some sacred-geometrical
connections between the UPA and the 421 polytope (PDF)

The outer & inner forms of 10 Trees of Life that map the 10 dimensions of superstring space-time embody the superstring structural parameter 1680 (PDF)

1920 & 3840 embodied in sacred geometries (PDF)

The outer & inner Trees of Life embody the 496 roots of E8×E8 (PDF)