Sacred Geometries and Their Scientific Meanings

The Interface between Science and the Transcendental

Stephen M. Phillips  


"The Universe is a thought of the Deity. Since this ideal thought-form has overflowed into actuality, and the world born thereof has realized the plan of its creator, it is the calling of all thinking beings to rediscover in this existent whole the original design."

Friedrich Schiller

My Books


        Extra-sensory Perception of Quarks

Published by The Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, USA, 1980.

The book explains the micro-psi observations of Annie Besant and Charles W. Leadbeater in terms of nuclear and particle physics.

It is now out-of-print. Used copies can be found at Download here a free copy in PDF format.

                          Extra-sensory Perception of Quarks 


   Anima: Remote Viewing of Subatomic Particles

Published by The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Chennai, India, 1996.

This is a reprint of a research paper presented at the Third International Conference on Frontiers in Yogi Research and Applications (23-27 December, 1995), reviewing the micro-psi observations of Besant & Leadbeater and the author's explanation of them.

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                       Remote Viewing of Subatomic Particles 


                ESP of Quarks & Superstrings

Published by New Age International, New Delhi, India, 1999.

This is a comprehensive analysis and explanation of the micro-psi observations of Besant & Leadbeater. It proves that quarks are not fundamental, as most physicists assume, but are composed of three particles that the two Theosophists described over a century ago as the basic units of matter.

It is no longer being published. Second-hand copies are available at Download a free copy in PDF format here (Chapters1-4) and here (Chapters 5-6).

                       ESP of Quarks & Superstrings 


My latest book:


The Mathematical Connection between Religion and Science
Printed by Antony Rowe, Publishing (UK), 2009.

This profusely illustrated book reveals for the first time the common mathematical blueprint determining superstrings, the DNA molecule and the human skeleton and how it is embodied in the sacred geometries of the world's religions. It also proves that these sacred geometries are equivalent representations of the map of the physical and superphysical levels of reality and that they encode in analogous ways the structure and dynamics of superstrings. The composition of intervals between the notes in the seven musical scales known as the church modes is shown to conform to the same universal pattern as that embodied in sacred geometries and physically manifested in the superstring.
500 pages (50 pages in colour).

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The Path of Love

Ronald Cowen interprets an ancient, Buddhist treatise on consciousness as an account of the microscopic processes that he has clairvoyantly observed generating physical awareness. He relates them to superstring theory and to the author's research into this form of remote-viewing.

The Golden Section

An excellent exposition by Prof. Scott Olsen on the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci & Lucas numbers and how they appear in nature and in human culture.